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reflections on communal living
October 13, 2009, 4:22 pm
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So many people live such insular lives nowadays, in fact i think its something around one in three people live alone; one television, one oven, one microwave, one bath, one fridge, all for one. We exist comfortably in our one bedroom flats, happily knowing that these things are ours and not shared with anyone else, and that we need not worry about anything but the self and its needs and cravings. I guess this kind of idea, and indeed it was a seemingly normal aspiration of mine at one point, goes back to some kind of kill-or-be killed instinct, except now we’ve reduced and fine-pointed everything to such an extent that we have built little personal fortresses with technology and mortar .

So mention of Communal Living to our generation of fortress-builders, ideas of consensus decision making in large groups and cooking together three times a day in the same big pot and sharing body heat when times get cold, something that gets lost. something gets lost in the relaying of information, or perhaps of the translation of information from passionate mouth to receiver’s ear, and suddenly it seems dark, or comical, or just difficult to comprehend. And it s this idea of comprehension that really gets me, because no-one can fully understand the entirety of what it is like to live in a commune, even to live in one is to depart yourself almost completely from… and i won’t call it rational thought because that makes it sound like theres no rationality behind our actions, but i guess some kind of rationalisation of thought. Being immersed in any one way of life will always captivate and consume you, (look at student life-the alcohol trade), but to live in a way of life that demands your complete and utter dedication can so easily depart you from usual ways of thinking.

more later.


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