it starts here.

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April 21, 2009, 12:51 am
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I’m here on behalf of the confused, the moved, with the refusal to lose my imagination, my drive, my belief, my scepticism, trying to level with you.

I am here representing the future that we have all seen, that we continue to clean our minds of, continue to toe the line, before . . .

What difference have you made?                                                                                     How many breeches of justice have you paid for with your Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Solo or Switch? Which, by the way, is made from the same oil that soils the souls of my feet, the Pachamama, Gaia, Mother, Biosphere, unclear line between outright destruction and defeat.

Yes. Life on earth has been sweet.                                                                                   A sticky cordial of more, more, more. A snail trail career path that led you here, watching your flickering 7 million inch screen, the scenes of outrage , inexplicable confusion animalistic gleam.

“Just why are they so angry? what is a trade union and why are they here?”

Dear consumer, producer, provider, friend; the mere six flights of stairs you would have had to descend to join us would have meant so much. We could have talked about the time when you were part of a collective vision, what went wrong, what divided you from them, what gives you the drive to spend

so. much. time.

half a dozen floors up from the revolution.


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